Tips for Holiday Lights and Decorations on Your Roof

Everyone wants to have the best lighting display in the neighborhood and Christmas lights are a big tradition all around the country. Colorado Springs has the advantage of providing a winter landscape that encourages you to leave your lights hanging from the eves of your roof for a few months at least. If you are hanging Christmas lights on your roof then a few tips are in order to make sure you get them on without harming the structure and integrity of your roof. Enjoy these tips from 7 Summits roofing to get your lights and roof top decorations strung up securely and safely. You will be able to stand back and enjoy the festive look of Christmas lights hanging from your eaves knowing nothing will spark or topple.

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How To Install Holiday Lights

Holiday lighting installation is something many of us look forward to each and every year, but sadly, many homeowners run the risk of hurting themselves or their loved ones as they hang lights throughout the exterior of the home.

There are always safety precautions one should take before hanging holiday lights, but more so, a helpful guide, including tools needed and step-by-step instructions should always be referenced before attempting a new DIY project.

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Keep the Roof Over Your Head in Good Shape for Longer

"A roof over one's head" is a synonym for home. And no wonder ... your roof faithfully performs the essential task of shielding your family and your belongings from the elements. Return the favor by taking good care of your roof. These simple tips will help extend its useful life.

Maintain Your Roof

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